High Visibility safety band fitted around tubes, wooden and metal posts, handrails, chain link, utility poles, bollards, frames, cables, pipes etc. Waterproof and rugged material is washable and reusable.

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Material Description: 100% Polyester

Finish Front: High Visibility colour

Finish Back: PU Coated

Fixing:  Hook and Loop

Feature: Waterproof, Windproof, Breathable, Abrasion Resistant, washable and reusable

Technical Information: safety band fitted around tubes, wooden and metal posts, handrails, chain link, utility poles, bollards, frames, cables, pipes etc. Waterproof and rugged material is washable and reusable.

Fabric Certification: ISO 20471: 2013 + A1: 2016

Weight2 kg

Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Yellow


40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 90mm, 125mm, 160mm, 180mm, 200mm, 225mm, 250mm, 315mm, 450mm


100mm, 200mm


– None -, Acid, Arc Flash and Shock Hazard, Battery Charging Station, Be Safe Lock it Out, Beware of Back Injury when Lifting, Beware of Mechanical Moving parts, Beware of moving parts, Beware of opening door, Beware of Vehicles, Beware of Welding Flash, Biohard Sharps, Biohazard, Biohazard 2, Biohazard, Biological Hazard, Bloodborne Pathogen Kit, Boiling Water, Buried Cable, Cauction High tempertaure, Cauction Hot Water, Cauction Risk of Explosion, Caution Battery Charging, Caution Hot, Caution May Contain Asbestos, Caution Pedestrians, Caution Slippery Surface, Caution Trip Hazard, caution-signs-caution-heavy-plant-crossing, Caution, Chemical Storage Area, Chemical Store, class1-1_3000, class1-2_3000, class1-3_3000, class1-4_3000, class1-5_3000, class1-6_3000, class2_gruen_schwarz_3000, class2_rot_schwarz_3000, class2_rot_weiss_3000, class2_tox_3000, class3_rot_schwarz_3000, class3_rot_weiss_3000, class4_blau_schwarz_3000, class4_rot-weiss_3000, class4_rot-weiss-strip_3000, class5-1_gelb_3000, class5-2_gelb-rot_schwarz_3000, class6_3000, class8_3000, class9_3000, Cleaning in progress, Compressed Air Hazard, Conveyor may start without warning, Corrosive, Crush Zone, Danager Compressed Air, Danger 240 volts, Danger 400 Volts, Danger 6600 volts, Danger 11000 Volts, Danger Acid, Danger Automatic Machinery, Danger Buried Cables, Danger Deep Excavation, Danger Deep Water, Danger Diesel Fuel, Danger Electric Shock, Danger Explosive Gas, Danger Explosive Materials, Danger Falling Objects, Danger Fork Lift Trucks, Danger Hazardous waste storage, Danger High Voltage, Danger Hot Surface, Danger Hot, Danger Moving Machinery, Danger of Death, Danger Overhead crane, Danger Overhead Wires, Danger Quarry Workings, Danger Reversing Vehicles, Danger Risk of Asphyxiation, Danger Scaffolding Incomplete, Danger Sheer Drop, Danger Slippery Surface, Danger Switchgear, Danger Unsafe Structure, Danger Waste oil, Dangerous Chemicals, Do not Block the door, Do Not Enter, Electric Arc Welding in progress, Electric Isolator, Electricity, Envir_3000, EX Danger Explosive Atmosphere, Fall Hazard, Flammable Gas, Flammable Material, Flammable Symbol, Flammable, Forklifts In Use, Gas Main Below, GHS01_Exploding, GHS02_flamme, GHS03_rondflam, GHS04_bottle, GHS05_acid_red, GHS06_skull, GHS07_exclam, GHS08_silhouete, GHS09_aq-pollut, Hazardous Materials Storage Area, High Voltage, Highly Flammable, Hot Surface, Hot, L.PG Highly Flammable, Laser Beam, Lift With Care, Lock out for Safety, Lock Out Switches before working, Low Headroom, Maintain three points of contact, No Entry without a safety harness, Out of service, Overhead Crane, Overhead Hoist, Petroleum Spirit Highly Flammable, Poison, Radiation Hazard, Radioactive materials, Risk of explosion, Scaffolding incomplete, Sharp Edges Watch your Fingers, Slippery Surface, Static Control Area, Trip Hazard, Warning Authorised Personnel Only, Warning Confined Space, Warning Corrosive, Warning Hot Surface, Warning Laser hazard, Warning Mind Your Head, Warning Steep Stairs, Watch your Step, Welding in progress, Wet Paint, X Rays in progress